Democracy and the Ethics

Classifying or cataloging the situation that Venezuela live is too hard, so much more predict possible outcomes. Now the emotions have long transgressed the limits that are channeled through dialogue -formal- and the negotiation. Our strange case maintains to Tyrians and Trojans on state of perplexity, much more to the international community that uses the traditional diplomatic and negotiation mechanisms with a passed successful but which here looks like a child game.

Meanwhile, from the precarious government, the factions in question continue to defend the remnant spaces of power, on the other hand the leaderships present in the union of political parties represented in the MUD on the one hand and the deputies representing the National Assembly elected in 2015 presenting a opposition that tries to lead the street action but preserving the conditions of "non-violence" and "within the constitution everything" and also trying to remain in "advantageous position" before any change of luck. The germ of revolution present in all societies and dreaming of a better world, with possibilities for progress and with a desire to change the course of the country, embodies in the so-called Resistencia, an emerging and anonymous non-collegiate body that stands out for its qualities of Courage, boldness and of course "temerity" -constituted by the youth that vibrates in energy and hormones- that opposes like the allegory of David against Goliath putting its value to sophisticated systems of repression that act without any modesty more than the care to not triggering alarms of an international order that may provoke an intervention. This unfortunately has only thrown victims on the most vulnerable side, and now to more than hundred of deceases, it hurts deeply when we look at the common characteristic of these slaughtered beings, mostly children who had to change the natural and joyful enjoyment of youth by exposure to danger of combat. That at a young age they already know firsthand hunger, not to mention the other frustrations when they think about the horizon. So grays that they prefer the dangerous route of rebellion without proper conditions, armed with sticks, stones and cardboard shields.

On the other hand, a sector very sui generis of inhabitants who have always been there, silent, almost invisible... timid in the action and expression themselves for having been so wrong. This sector in the past decades called him "Juan Bimba", work of the fertile imaginery of Mariano Medina Febres (Cumanese M.D. who used the pseudonym of "Medo") to characterize a figure that starred his illustrations in the cartoons of Venezuelan newspapers, represented by a thin little man who wore flannel, trousers gnawed with his pants folded upwards, wearing espadrilles and a hat of "cogollo". Alluding to the Venezuelan in poverty and peasant origin, our remembered Leo (Leoncio Martínez) also reproduced it in his cartoons critical of the governments in turn and also mentioned by the poet Andrés Eloy Blanco recreating him in his deliveries of the magazine "Fantoches" of the thirties.

Presidential candidates would make profitable use of this void by manipulating the wills, revell the neglect and lack of commitment to this sector of the country by previous governments and the promise of "that they would truly this sector get out  of tpoverty" Thus they would accede to the power. The 1997 campaign was not the exception, it combines the disenchantment of this population fed up with being used and then discarded, added to an element present in the popular imaginary that associate the military discipline with "order and firm hand". It was blamed for all evils to the capitalism and any form of institution such as the church, private education, entrepreneurs, trade unions, ethics is now a capitalist ethic and everything within the formal framework has been guilty of all our misfortunes. What was not in the libretto is the extramural links that would be made possible by this "revolution" that questions everything instituted, so the subliminal and sweetened scene comes into play, the association with unconventional insurgencies like the FARC, the renegades of World as Saddam Hussein, the Cuban hero Fidel Castro and the eternal fighters of the Middle East ... everything fits into revolution, now what has been considered and well determined as a crime, can be reviewed, "stealing is not bad if you have to". Therefore, treatment of offenders does not automatically exclude them to the rigth so that prisons now must be recreational centers. The edges are dangerously dissolved and society is no longer civil but "civic-military" and now the military justice has the door open to try civilians before what can be considered a crime against the motherland.

The development of this history now we know it well, i.e., already sufferind in our own flesh. And an exhaustive analysis of all the edges that belong to this tragic history that turn the richest country of Latin America in the most maddening economic and social tragedy of its history will be pertinent. We will have time to account for the mistakes that brought us to this tragedy. The urgency is to glimpse a route of escape before it is too late and yes ... it is possible to fall deeper and deeper into the precipice, for example it is enough to look closely at the Haiti of Duvalier, with more drama the plight of Syria of Al Assad. Imagine for a moment our condition of vulnerability to face the occurrence of a natural phenomenon such as a flood, earthquake, hurricane... please just imagines and draw conclusions.
I would like the lector to pause to evaluate the following approach. Each day that passes, our country loses its position in the rhythm of its evolution, as the consequences of our mistakes are deepened. This is an exponential formula. For each day of shortages of food, multiplied by each child suffering from hunger or malnutrition, we add to our future a man with disability to adapt efficiently to the environment around him. For each child orphaned by the action of the delincuency, endemic diseases that resurface, the irresponsable paternity, etc ... is multiplied to the nth potency the probabilities that reproduce the model of perpetrator in the environment that it touches him live with the consequences derived from such behavior. With each young professional who emigrates, it is a quantum less in the healthy articulation of a self-sustaining country.

From this space we have said that the true success of the country passes through a leap of consciousness, this implies - we have also emphasized - that a surge critical mass change paradigm and serves as a promoter of the change of consciousness. That new man who Nietzsche spoke, who goes through the three transformations and reaches the category of child, full of future and possibilities, that arises after the figurative death of God, is a child who has a lifetime to reach his goals and Objectives, that child is the product of a transformation that leaves behind its own aspects similar to the beasts and becomes a being plained of faculties, especially the humanizing reason that Nietzsche called "ascending instincts". It may be thought that these are distant transformations on the horizon, notwithstanding, a crisis such as that which the country is experiencing or perhaps more acute as what may possibly correspond us to transcend, they are "accelerantes" in the processes of the evolution of the consciousness.

Returning to our current situation, it is worth mentioning a fact that has been almost unnoticed in the framework of the intervention of the Secretary General of the OAS on Wednesday, July 26, at the subcommittee for Latin America of the Senate Chamber of the United States . In the speech of Senator Robert Menéndez in which he challenged Mr. Almagro as to the reasons why they had not reached consensus in the meetings of the organ of the American States, especially because of the abstention or contrary vote by countries Committed economically to the Venezuelan government, and which left a clear example of the significance of the agreements that provide them with an advantage or privilege for oil quotas and which reveals the deterioration of fundamental values ​​such as ethics, especially in organizations designed to The promotion of fundamental values ​​against any threat to its members.

The world has not paid sufficient attention to the Venezuelan case because it is unprecedented in diplomatic practice. With more emphasis due to the reality that any nation can inadvertently fall into this trap and be the victim of a drama like ours, in which conventional articulations are not enough to resolve the conflict. The world must review practices in this regard, look at its current status and functionality to prevent damages and settle conflicts of interest. Perhaps nations subject to a certain ethic obey the defined steps, however cases such as ours escape conventional definitions and would require further consideration to adopt measures to effectively stop the budding disaster. Undoubtedly Dr. Luis Almagro and Marco Rubio has made a remarkable effort to defend invaluable value as is <Democracy>, history must recognize it.


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